bird mounts, toddville ia

Lifelike Bird Mounts in Toddville, IA

Affinity Taxidermy can preserve every feature and feather of your pheasants, geese, ducks or turkeys. Choose from a standing or flying position to mount your bird on a wall or place it on a shelf. You’ll be amazed how lifelike they will look.

To learn more about our bird mounts and other taxidermy work, call for an appointment to visit our showroom. We’ll help you pick out the perfect poses and displays for your bird mounts.

We will prepare any kind of bird, from snow geese to pintail ducks, from pheasants to turkeys. Let us create stunning, lifelike creations out of your bird game today.

Call 319-360-8050 or 319-213-2476 to schedule taxidermy services for a bird mount.